Intro To Acts


Introduction to the Acts Bible StudyThe Acts Bible Study Introduction is a great way to get the bigger view of what the book is all about.  As you will see below, we cover background info like who the subjects are, where all of this takes place, what happened, when it happened and why it happened.  Whenever you study a book of the bible, an introduction to the […]

Acts Bible Study


Acts Bible StudyHave you ever wanted to study the Bible?  Maybe you want to learn how the Christian church began?  The book of Acts (in the Bible) is the only historical narrative of the New Testament.  That means it’s the only book of the Bible that tells the story of the first-century church in kind of a timeline format.  Important people like Jesus, James, John and Paul […]

Jude v10-24 Personal Bible Study


Jude_5-9 (1)In our last study, Jude said that God will judge the ungodly (false teachers). These false teachers “crept in, unnoticed”. Jude used 3 Old Testament examples of God’s judgment for the Ungodly:

  1. Exodus – His chosen people in the wilderness, their disbelief, and ultimate judgement
  2. The fallen Angels – their rebellion against God and God’s judgement upon them
  3. Sodom & Gammorah […]

Jude v. 5-9 – Personal Bible Study


Jude 5-9 bible studyAs we begin to read Jude v5-9, we remember that Jude introduced his letter to Christians, warning them about False Teachers, who once professed to be believers. Jude announces that they have crept into the church and are teaching false teachings.

  • Blue text are the questions
  • Red text are […]

Jude v. 1-4 Beware of false teachers


Jude v. 1-4 - personal bible studyI’m leading a bible study with a small group.  We’re currently doing the book of Jude.  This very short letter written by the half brother of Jesus is tucked away and rarely quoted but it offers a very practical and important message to christians.  Last week I provided the background […]

The Epistle of Jude – Introduction


JudeI thought I would share my personal bible study of Jude.  This easily overlooked letter found near the end of the New Testament is unique and offers the Christian a very clear lesson about false teachers.  I begin all of my studies with prayer and then do an overview study of the book before I study […]

Overcoming Sin and Temptation – Romans 8:13


Overcoming Sin And TemptationOvercoming Sin and Temptation

I am participating in a “read along” of a well known “Christian classic” written by John Owen. The Mortification of Sin, also known as Overcoming Sin & Temptation is a book about the duty of Christians to kill sin in their lives daily AND how to do it. Tim Challies is hosting […]

Is Eternity In Our Hearts?


eternity in our hearts Billions of Stars in Galaxy M82

Is eternity in our hearts?

That natural curiosity, wondering if there is something more to life, is hard-coded into our innermost being.  Questions like “why am I here?” or “where did we come from” ache from within.  It’s normal for us to ask questions like this.  More importantly, we are not expected to know […]

A 13 Week Journey


The Bible In 90 DaysIs it life-changing?

Reading the bible in 90 days with a small group of 20 people has been a wonderful journey. With 10 weeks under our belts and 3 to go, we are having a great time. It has been amazing to see lives transformed as our group gets a completely different view of God  […]

What Is Faith And Why Do We Need It?


IIndiana Jones - Faith Walkn the movie “Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade”, there is a scene known as “Indy’s Walk of Faith”.  Indy is on a quest to find the Holy Grail (cup of Christ) and in the process finds himself trying to save his father’s life.  The scene shows him standing on the edge of a large crevasse with no apparent way across.  According […]

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