Build Log of the DC-3

Successful DC-3 Test Hop Finally Takes Place!


DC-3 Test Hop – She Flies!

DC-3 Test HopMy scratch built DC-3 Test Hop finally happened.  My radio controlled airplane made a (more or less) noneventful taxi test hop before I put the finishing touches on her.  The aircraft is a bit sensitive on the elevator so I will need to adjust the elevator pushrod have less travel.  I can […]

DC-3 Engine Cowls – Taming the Top Flite Accessory


DC-3 Engine Cowl Old DC-3 Sitting Along Side Chino,CA Airport

Real DC-3 airplanes are powered by two Wright R-1820 Cyclone radial piston engines.  The radio controlled model I am building is powered by two E-Flite Power 15 electric motors housed inside two round engine covers known as cowls.   I am cheating a little by using a pre-moulded part but honestly it didn’t save me too much […]

DC-3 Nacelles & Foam Sanding


Each of my DC-3 nacelle boxes are designed to house the landing gear, servo and speed control.  Once assembled, the boxes are then mounted onto the wings.  Then foam is glued on each of the 4 sides and then shaped to look like a round engine nacelle.  The firewall where the motor is mounted has rounded wings that i attached to offer a round front.  I  can then shape the foam, following the contour of […]

Douglas DC-3 Retractable Landing Gear


Douglas DC-3 Retractable Landing Gear Douglas DC-3 Retractable Landing Gear

My scratch built Radio Controlled Douglas DC-3 is in progress and I am currently working on the cowls for the 86″ wingspan transport/airliner. Usually, when a modeler uses retractable gear on a DC-3, they try and use a scale like “knuckle” type landing gear setup. I am using the Robart landing gear which was designed and used […]

3-View Drawings for the DC-3 Project


3 Views DC-3 DC-3 3-Views

Scratch building an RC airplane is a lot of fun and very rewarding.  This DC-3 Project has been a great learning experience for me.  I have scratch built a couple of aircraft from Mark Rittinger plans and they are great looking, strong, light-weight and my best flying aircraft.   Building on that experience (no pun […]

DC-3 Outer Wing Section


DC-3 Foam Cores DC-3 Foam Cores

Another update on the DC-3.  The outer wing section has been made which now brings the DC-3 wingspan to a total of about 86″ (over 7 feet).  Foam cores were cut using the same airfoil profile I used (only enlarged) on both the P-51 and […]

DC-3 Fuselage & Wing Center Section


Douglas DC-3 FuselageIt has been a while since I posted anything on my Douglas DC-3 progress.  The foam fuselage has been completely assembled and the two main halves have been joined together.  After more sanding it was fiberglassed using 1 ounce cloth.  More sanding and then a nice light coat of water-based […]

DC-3 Rudder


DC-3 Rudder And Vertical Stabilizer And HingeProgress on the DC-3 has been slow but sure.  The rudder is built and ready for final finishing before it is installed onto the fuselage.  The DC-3 rudder is unique because the hing location is inward from the leading edge of the rudder.  Using an aluminum rod, I was able to simulate a […]

Mike’s DC-3


Dougles DC-3 Douglas DC-3

I am currently building a Radio controlled Douglas Dc-3 airplane.  I made the drawings for this using Adobe Illustrator and started the construction process over a year ago.  I hope to finish building the plane this spring and fly her for the first time in late April (weather permitting).  The DC-3 is the same plane that helped carry our troops in […]

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