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Dougles DC-3

Douglas DC-3

I am currently building a Radio controlled Douglas Dc-3 airplane.  I made the drawings for this using Adobe Illustrator and started the construction process over a year ago.  I hope to finish building the plane this spring and fly her for the first time in late April (weather permitting).  The DC-3 is the same plane that helped carry our troops in World War II, delivered food during the Berlin Air Drop, Set countless records as both a cargo & passenger aircraft and is still flown today by both commercial airlines and private collectors.

The DC-3 is recognized as one of one of the greatest airplanes of all times!  I plan on using a combination of foam and balsa to build a 1/14th scale version of the DC-3. “Light fly’s Right” and I hope to be able to build her light enough to fly true to scale.   The airplane will have a wingspan of 86.5″ and weigh under 6 pounds.  It will be an electric powered airplane powered by two motors getting their energy from Lipo batteries.  Progress of the build and more pictures can be seen here.

I have included a few pictures to show some of the progress of the build:

Mike's P-51B
DC-3 Rudder


  1. Michael Scoble July 19, 2012 at 6:15 am

    I think that is an excellent project.The DC-3 was also called the C-47 by the Navy.Yes? I thought it was Sky King’s “song Bird” but I was wrong,that was a Cessna T50,at least in one of its incarnations. But the DC-3 is what I would fly if I had the chance. Have you ever flown one (I mean other that the RC ones?).
    Best of luck,Michael Scoble

  2. Mike August 25, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Hello Michael.
    C-47 was the designation from the military including the Army too. I am not a pilot, although I would jump at a chance to fly one. I do fly flight simulators like FSX and X-Plane. I enjoy flying the DC-3 on the simulator and look forward to seeing this bird fly via my Radio Control! Thanks for your comments.

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