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Intro To Acts

The Acts Bible Study Introduction is a great way to get the bigger view of what the book is all about.  As you will see below, we cover background info like who the subjects are, where all of this takes place, what happened, w [...]

Acts Bible Study

Have you ever wanted to study the Bible?  Maybe you want to learn how the Christian church began?  The book of Acts (in the Bible) is the only historical narrative of the New Testament.  That means it's the only book of the Bi [...]

Complete Bible Summary

Experience The Whole Bible!

90 Summary Devotionals

I read the entire Bible in 90 days and blogged about it.

Roast Your Own Coffee At Home

How to roast great coffee

Learn Different Roasting Techniques!

craft coffee like the pros

Scratch Build A Radio Controlled Airplane!

Step by step Instructions

How to build a P-51 Mustang

Over 50 MPH!

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