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Jude v10-24 Personal Bible Study

In our last study, Jude said that God will judge the ungodly (false teachers). These false teachers “crept in, unnoticed”. Jude used 3 Old Testament examples of God’s judgment for the Ungodly: Exodus – His chosen people in the wilderness, their disbelief, and ultimate judgement The fallen Angels – their rebellion against God and God’s judgement upon them Sodom & Gammorah – sexual immorality and unnatural desires serve as an [...]

Successful DC-3 Test Hop Finally Takes Place!

DC-3 Test Hop – She Flies! My scratch built DC-3 Test Hop finally happened.  My radio controlled airplane made a (more or less) noneventful taxi test hop before I put the finishing touches on her.  The aircraft is a bit sensitive on the elevator so I will need to adjust the elevator pushrod have less travel.  I can do this through programming the radio as well as moving the clevis [...]

Jude v. 5-9 – Personal Bible Study

As we begin to read Jude v5-9, we remember that Jude introduced his letter to Christians, warning them about False Teachers, who once professed to be believers. Jude announces that they have crept into the church and are teaching false teachings. Blue text are the questions Red text are answers Green text is scripture Black text are comments If you have found this page but have not done any of [...]

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters – Review

I recently traveled to Jacksonville, Florida on a business trip and learned several interesting facts about the city.  First, their huge oak trees are beautiful!  Second, Jacksonville, known as the “Bold new city from the south”.  Third and the most important fact, Jacksonville is home to an up and coming third wave coffee roaster & artesian.  So, for the next minute or two, I thought I would share my experience [...]

Jude v. 1-4 Beware of false teachers

I’m leading a bible study with a small group.  We’re currently doing the book of Jude.  This very short letter written by the half brother of Jesus is tucked away and rarely quoted but it offers a very practical and important message to christians.  Last week I provided the background and introduction to the book.  This week we begin reading and studying verses 1-4.  In these 4 verses, Jude get’s [...]

Hario MM-2 Coffee Grinder-Review

Hario MM-2 coffee grinder – Hero or Novelty? Hario MM-2 Coffee Grinder I decided to purchase the Hario MM-2 coffee grinder last month because my Breville BCG450XL Conical Burr Grinder died.  With only 1 1/2 years of service, the Breville should have lasted much longer. Plastic gears inside the grinder stripped because it choked on a hard bean.  That story will be left for another time. With the [...]

Thanksgiving Blend – Here We Go Again!

Thanksgiving Blend is Gone Two years ago I posted how much I like the Starbucks Thanksgiving blend coffee.  Again, I am sipping on their nice, full bodied coffee although it is still a little dark for me.  I have some Marketing and Sales observations that I would like to share regarding Starbucks and their Thanksgiving Blend. Over the years I have noticed how the Christmas Season as a whole has [...]

Complete Bible Summary

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Learn How To Scratch Build Your Own RC Fighter Plane!

See it built - Step by Step Instructions

I blogged how to build a P-51 Mustang

Over 50 MPH!

Netsuite Driven Website – Anything is Possible

Netsuite Driven Website Our company embarked on a huge transition a little over a year ago as we moved to the cloud with our accounting, inventory, sales order, shipping & fulfillment, marketing eCommerce systems.  Using Netsuite as our cloud based ERP system my responsibility was for the marketing & website side of our business.  My experience in the past has been traditional eCommerce tools like Mailchimp/Constant Contact for email marketing [...]

Overcoming Sin and Temptation – Romans 8:13

Overcoming Sin and Temptation I am participating in a "read along" of a well known "Christian classic" written by John Owen. The Mortification of Sin, also known as Overcoming Sin & Temptation is a book about the duty of Christians to kill sin in their lives daily AND how to do it. Tim Challies is hosting this read along as hundreds of people all over the world participate. Each week [...]

Netsuite Multi Channel Sales Solution for Amazon & eBay

Be very careful when selecting your Netsuite multi channel sales solution Leveraging the power of Netsuite can be difficult when it comes to selling products on marketplace channels like Amazon or eBay. Our company has been selling through multiple sales channels for years. With over 2,000 different items in our inventory, managing listings and order flow can be overwhelming. The good news is there are many 3rd party connectors. The [...]

Behmor 1600 Coffee Roaster – Review

The New Behmor 1600 Coffee Roaster is a great value I recently purchased the new Behmor 1600 Coffee Roaster.  It is the only home roasting  device that is capable of roasting up to 1 lb of green coffee beans per batch.  While most home roasters use "hot air" like a popcorn maker, the Behmor 1600 Coffee Roaster uses quartz heating elements.  They provide consistent heat that can be regulated using [...]

Hide Servos In An RC Airplane – An Easy How To Guide

Hide Servos For a Cleaner Look Final assembly on your radio control model airplane means details including a good way to Hide Servos.  My DC-3 project isn't really hiding the connecting rods from the servo to the control surface but it is hiding the actual servo and wiring.  I learned this trick from an experienced model builder.  It is a simple way to to offer a nice clean look.  It [...]

Is Eternity In Our Hearts?

Billions of Stars in Galaxy M82 Is eternity in our hearts? That natural curiosity, wondering if there is something more to life, is hard-coded into our innermost being.  Questions like "why am I here?" or "where did we come from" ache from within.  It's normal for us to ask questions like this.  More importantly, we are not expected to know all of the answers. The wisest person to [...]

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Coffee Review: Blue Bottle Bella Donovan

  Is Bella Donovan any good? Absolutely!  I just finished a cup of Bella Donovan coffee roasted by Blue Bottle and the grin is still on my face.  This is no average cup of coffee folks.  Looking at the picture of the beans will confirm that this is not a dark roast coffee.  It may be a bit darker for Blue Bottle but that is fine with me.  I tend [...]

Use Doculam For Covering Your RC Airplane

doculam for covering your rc airplane Did you know  you can use doculam for covering your rc airplane?  For many years, modelers who build from scratch or kits are required to cover their foam or balsa projects with some sort of material. Names like MonoKote, Solatrex, Coverite, and UltraKote are just a few of the many options. Most of these come in colors ready to iron on. I was introduced [...]

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