IMG_1052I recently traveled to Jacksonville, Florida on a business trip and learned several interesting facts about the city.  First, their huge oak trees are beautiful!  Second, Jacksonville, known as the “Bold new city from the south”.  Third and the most important fact, Jacksonville is home to an up and coming third wave coffee roaster & artesian.  So, for the next minute or two, I thought I would share my experience at “Bold Bean Coffee Roasters“.   Remember, Jacksonville is the “Bold New City” and that is where they draw their name.  “Bold” has nothing to do with dark roasting levels here.  These guys are serious about crafting a great cup of coffee from acquiring the beans all the way through the variety of brewing methods they offer.

How I found a good cup of coffee in jacksonville, florida

As a side note, you might want to try this method in your local area.  There could be some hidden coffee shop gems close by.  I found Bold Bean using google maps and the keywords “COFFEE ROASTER”.  That is how I usually begin my quest.  They were smart to describe themselves as offering “single-origin coffee”.  I look at the ratings, reviews and most importantly the pictures when I do my initial search.  Next, I visit their website and look to see any signs of brewing methods and any other clues to help me decide whether to visit.  Bold Bean Coffee Roasters not only claimed they roasted coffee, but “single origin” coffee.  After looking at their website I confirmed that they offer single pour servings using the Hario v60 dripper and had unique single serve origins on their menu board.  No airpots here!  Cha-Ching!   By the way, don’t waste your time going to a coffee establishment that has airpots (large sealed dispensing pots).  You will most likely the fresh cup you are looking for.  You will get a fresh cup of brew at Bold Bean.

Great Coffee & Parings at Bold Bean

The cafe was only 6 minutes from my hotel located downtown.  The neighborhood was nice and parking was convenient.  Entering Bold Bean instantly confirmed my hopes.  Fresh roasted artisan crafted single origin coffee in a setting that was clean, inviting and mouth-watering.  The menu card was yet another confirmation that they were serious about their craft.  Tasting notes were provided!  I tend to gravitate towards full body coffee that is smooth and sweet so I asked the Barista for his recommendation.  With some thought and confidence, he suggested the “La Plata, Huila, Colombian”.   While they began crafting my cup, I noticed a wonderful selection of pastries and cookies that would compliment any cup of coffee.    I selected the Kouign-amann and I was not disappointed.

Great Conversation for any coffee enthusiasts

I brought a book for me to read as I enjoyed my coffee and pastry.  I sat at the counter and struck up a conversation about the coffee and roasting they do at Bold Bean.  It wasn’t long before I realized I was speaking with the proprietor, Zack Bennett.  His father started this business back in 2007 and Zack came along a few years later.   Oh, I forgot to tell you,  Zack’s brother is a baker.  The Kouign-amann and all of the other delicious pastries were made by Zack’s brother.  What a perfect team!

During our conversations Zack shared how the business has developed over the years.  They have upgraded their roasting capabilities using a SanFranciscan drum roaster and offer workshops about brewing methods and roasting.  Based on the traffic coming into the shop (I visited there twice while I was in town) there appears to be quite a following and I am sure it is because of their efforts to offer a consistent experience crafting great coffee.  I witnessed them measuring water temp, coffee weights and water weights to ensure each cup was consistently delicious.  They use top of the line equipment.  Zack also shared some about the effort they put in to source high quality beans.  All in all it was a pleasant conversation and I learned quite a bit about what it takes to be in the coffee artisan business in general.  If you want to talk coffee, these guys are ready to go.  And they should be.  It is their passion.

I Recommend you Visit Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

I think these guys are on to something here.  My guess is they will continue to grow and branch out.  They have already established a “reseller” program and understand the growth opportunities for their brand.  Look for more news about Bold Bean Coffee Roasters.  Others will stumble upon them and enjoy the same experience I did.  If you are in the Jacksonville, Florida area, I highly recommend giving them a try!