Is Bella Donovan any good?

Bella Donovan by Blue Bottle Coffee RoastersAbsolutely!  I just finished a cup of Bella Donovan coffee roasted by Blue Bottle and the grin is still on my face.  This is no average cup of coffee folks.  Looking at the picture of the beans will confirm that this is not a dark roast coffee.  It may be a bit darker for Blue Bottle but that is fine with me.  I tend to lean towards a darker roast (full city to full city +).  Spoiler Alert:  Even though this coffee is on the lighter side of dark, it is not over acidic.  You won’t feel like you are drinking dark tea.  Sorry about that tea lovers.

What is in the blend?

Bella Donovan is a blend of African and Indonesian coffee.  I usually target single origin coffees but lately, I am finding a great appreciation for “Crafting” a blend that compliments, not hides flavors.  Blue Bottle, based out of Oakland, California has done just that.  The Indonesian coffee adds an earthiness that give it a flavor that one might think is a darker roast.  Not burnt, but just a darker roast.  It also provides that full body feel that makes this a great breakfast coffee.  I like to call it a “Fat Cup”.  The African coffee adds the citrus notes along with a somewhat complex cup of flavors, some which I can’t quite seem to pick out.

Bella Donovan Coffee by Blue Bottle Coffee Roasters

Bella Donovan Coffee by Blue Bottle

Why does the roast level look uneven?

The “Craft” doesn’t stop there.  I think the different roasting levels of the two coffees have really brought this coffee alive.  A careful inspection of the beans reveals an obvious distinction between the roasting level of the beans and I am sure is intentional.  The Bella Donovan Blend isn’t just a couple of single origin coffees cobbled together to mix things up.  This appears to be a carefully crafted blend of coffees using both the origin and the roast level to really enhance the drinking experience.

So, obviously you can see that I enjoyed this coffee.  I rank it up there with some of the best I have tasted including the Costa Rica coffee roasted by MadCap out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Best yet, for those who enjoy a little cream or sugar with their coffee, you won’t need much.  The flavor is that good.  No bitterness or burnt flavors will be experienced here and the lemon/citrus level is not overbearing.   This is a nicely balanced cup of coffee!

Brewing method used for this review…

I used my single serve setup to brew this coffee which includes:

  • 25 grams of Bella Donovan Coffee by Blue Bottle Coffee Roasters
  • Pino Electric Kettle (water temp 208 degrees)
  • Breville BCG450XL Conical Burr Grinder (medium to medium/fine grind level)
  • Clever Dripper & #4 cone filter
  • Steeping Time – 4 minutes