Acts Bible Study

Join us for the Acts Bible Study!  Have you ever wanted to study the Bible?  Maybe you want to learn how the Christian church began?  The book of Acts (in the Bible) is the only historical narrative of the New Testament.  That means it’s the only book of the Bible that tells the story of the first-century church in kind of a timeline format.  Come join us as we see Christ still in charge of His Church as His Holy Spirit works in the lives of his Apostles and turn the world upside down.

Acts Outline

  1. Introduction to Acts
  2. You will be my witnesses – Acts 1:1-8
  3. The Ascension/Waiting/ReForming the 12
  4. Pentecost – Acts 2
  5. Healing the lame man – Acts 3-4
  6. Ananias & Sapphira – Gamaliel’s Counsel – Acts 5
  7. Deacons in the church & Accusations against Stephen & his martyrdom – Acts 6-7
  8. Persecution, Christians flee to Samaria (Philip, Simon the magician, Ethiopian Eunich
  9. Conversion of Saul – Acts 9:31 (What conversion looks like)
  10. Healing by Peter, Cornelius’s vision, Gentiles here the Gospel message – Acts 9:32 – 10:48
  11. Peter reports to the Jerusalem Church – The Gentiles are included in the Kingdom – The response – The Church at Antioch – Acts 11
  12. Peters arrest, deliverance & the death of Herod
  13. Paul’s first missionary journey – Acts 13-14
  14. The Jerusalem council – The apostles finally get it – Acts 15
  15. Paul’s second missionary journey – First converts in Europe – Lydia, Jailer converted, Mars Hill
  16. Paul’s third missionary journey – Ephesus – Acts 18-21
  17. Paul on trial in Jerusalem, Before Felix, Festus & Agrippa – Acts 22-26
  18. Paul sent to Rome, shipwrecked, Malta, preaching the Kingdom of God in Rome