Coffee roaster maintenance is part of the overall roasting experience.  After 2 1/2 years it was time to replace my front bearing.  Grinding and squeaking noises are signs you should replace yours!  The North TJ-066 Mill City 500 gram coffee roaster come in a few variations.  Since it’s introduction, the 500 gram roaster has been improved and some parts are different.  I have a late 2nd generation model and both my front and back bearings are the same.  Some 500 gram variations have different bearings.  Always check with Mill City or wherever you purchased your roaster to make sure you get the correct replacement part

The video below will show you how to replace the front bearing.  Here are the steps:

  1.  Remove the two allen screws that secure the bearing to the drum shaft
  2. Remove the two larger allen screws that mount the bearing to the roaster chassis
  3. Slide the bearing out from the shaft
  4. Install the new bearing onto the shaft and secure using the two larger hex screws that attached the bearing to the roaster wall.
  5. Use a 3mm flat automotive feeler gauge or some device that is 3mm thick and insert that between the drum and roaster door.  This step is very important.  You need this gap so your drum won’t scrape agains the roaster wall.
  6. Once the gap is adjusted, tighten the smaller allen screws to secure the drum to the shaft.
  7. Remove feeler gauge and turn on the roaster to test the drum rotation.

This video details the North TJ-066 / Mill City 500 gram front bearing replacement process. Let me know if this has been helpful! Share your comments here or on youtube.