This How-To video explains how easy the Exhaust Fan Cleaning for the North TJ-066 Mill City 500 Gram coffee roaster is.  In only 10 minutes, from beginning to end, each step is explained so you can get your coffee roaster up and running in no time.  Coffee chaff, beans and debris get sucked up into the exhaust system of the roaster and restrict airflow.  Roasting performance is hindered and your fan will begin to sound like a bearing is about to go.  That noise is the chaff and junk that is clogging up the electric fan.  It’s time to clean your fan and exhaust system.  Exhaust fan cleaning for your coffee roaster should be a regular maintenance item.

If you own a Mill City coffee roaster you are fortunate.  These machines are built to last and the service support provided by Mill City Coffee Roasters is superior.  Having said that, regular maintenance is performed by you and not Mill City.  After 150 – 200 roasts you will start to notice the airflow being restricted on your North TJ-066 Mill City 500 gram coffee roaster.  This is a sign it needs to be cleaned.  You may also hear new noises coming from the exhaust fan.  This is also a sign to clean your roaster.  Watch the video and follow the 10 simple steps and your exhaust fan cleaning will be fast and simple.

Tools needed:

  • phillips screw driver
  • 5/16 wrench
  • single edge razor blade
  • portable vacuum
  • tooth brush

Follow these 10 simple steps:

  1. Unplug the roaster
  2. Unscrew the two collar screws that attached the fan to the roaster exhaust tube
  3. Unscrew & bolt the 4 screws and bolts on the square shaped metal plate that attaches to the chaff collector
  4. Cut adhesive caulk between fan assembly and chaff collector.  This is the joint between the two square metal plates that you unbolted in step 3.
  5. Remove the fan assembly
  6. Remove the 4 allen screws that hold the silver cover to the fan
  7. Use a toothbrush and loosen all of the chaff in the fan and related/exposed assemblies
  8. Use a vacuum to suck up the loose debris
  9. Turn on vacuum and insert vacuum hose into the exhaust tube that spans the top of the roaster towards the drum and remove loose chaff and beans
  10. Reassemble everything and you’re done

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