In this post, we will answer the question; “How to adjust the drum on a Mill City 500 gram coffee roaster?” Coffee roasters are commercial pieces of equipment that need proper care and maintenance. This includes minor adjustments to the machine to keep it running like new. All it takes are a few basic tools like allen wrenches, pliers and a screwdriver to do the work.

How do I adjust the drum on a Mill City 500 gram coffee roaster?

Looking at the front of the coffee roaster, open the drop handle to reveal the drum.  Looking down where the bottom edge of the drum meets the roaster you will probably see a gap.  This is where the chaff is falling.  Close the door and find the drum shaft and its round metal collar with two allen head screws that are keeping it in place.  Using the appropriate size allen wrench, untighten the screws, allowing the drum to slide in and out.  Adjust the drum so there is very little clearance.  You might consider taking an index card and folding it in half.  Then, slide the card between the drum and the front of the roaster and then slide the drum towards the index card.  This will create the right gap needed. When you are satisfied with the clearances, tighten the allen screws.  Don't over tighten, just nicely snug them. After you have made the necessary adjustments to the Mill City 500 gram coffee roaster drum, turn on the roaster and activate the drum.  Listen and watch with the drop door both open and closed.  If you hear or see contact between the drum and the roaster wall, do the adjustment processes over again, moving the drum slightly away, opening up the gap ever so little.

Here are some common questions asked about how to adjust the Mill City 500 gram coffee roaster drum:

How do you know if you need to adjust the drum on your coffee roaster?

If you hear the drum scraping the roaster wall or there is excessive chaff falling between the drum and roaster, you need to adjust the drum.

How do I know if My Mill City 500 gram coffee roaster drum is properly adjusted?

If your drum is not scrapping the wall of the roaster or there is not a large amount of chaff falling below, inside the roaster, your roaster drum is properly adjusted.

What tools do I need to adjust my coffee roaster drum?

The Mill City TJ-066 North roaster only needs a good set of small allen wrenches.  Other roasters may use other basic tools.

Why is there so much chaff inside my roaster?

Chaff comes off the coffee beans during the roast process.  More than likely there is a large enough gap between the drum and the roaster wall for the chaff to fall below.  You need to adjust your coffee roasters drum.

How often do I need to adjust my roaster?

As often as needed.  After each roast, you are cleaning up.  Pay attention to the amount of chaff falling down into the roaster.  Decide when it is time to make the necessary adjustments.


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