Jeremiah  33:23 – 47:7


Day 57 of the Bible in 90 Days brings us to the fall of Jerusalem.  After all of the warnings from God, the people would still not listen.  Even after his judgment, God promised to bring Judah and Israel back from captivity.  Jeremiah continues to be obedient and speak out for the Lord.  His obedience get’s him thrown in jail by king Zedekiah.  He prophesies to the king that the city will burn down and be handed over to the Babylonians.  Jeremiah was also beaten and thrown into a cistern.  Babylon does capture the city and the king attempts to flee along with his officials.  They are captured and all killed except Hezekiah, who is carried away into exile.  Jerusalem is destroyed.

Scripture Psalms 33: 1-5

3 Perhaps when the people of Judah hear about every disaster I plan to inflict on them, they will each turn from their wicked ways; then I will forgive their wickedness and their sin.”


Jerusalem Falls

Jerusalem Falls

God has just told Jeremiah to write down all of the words that he spoke to Jeremiah.  He wants to make sure that the people hear about every disaster that he will bring upon the people.  The sinful behavior of the Israelites is everywhere and they have turned their backs on God.   There is no love or obedience from the people.  They are worshiping false gods and have no true faith in the Lord.   He is offering one last chance for them to turn and run to Him.  He will forgive their sin if they will only repent.


As sinful as we are, He still desires that we turn and run to Him.  The Lord has provided His Holy Scriptures to show us His never ending love and forgiveness to anyone who will read and respond to His word.  While Jerusalem is experiencing tragedy and death during the story of the exile, we too will experience a similar tragedy and death  if we have turned our backs on God.  One day, leaving this world (dying) without knowing and loving the one who created us will lead us to an eternal separation from everything that is true and good.    At some point in our eternity, we will be judged by our Lord.  His desire is that we believe and trust in Him and turn from our sin.


Thank you Father for your Word.  It instructs and teaches me to live a Holy life dedicated to you.  I pray that those who might read blog will look inward at their lives and realize that you God are our source of happiness and life.  I pray that they ask you to be Lord of their life.