Most people have a hobby or two.  One of my hobbies is building and flying Radio Controlled Airplanes.  I learned how to fly back in the 80’s and then fell away from the hobby because of time and the inconvenience of having to drive long distances to the “flying field”.  Airplanes were powered by glow/fuel type motors that are loud.  Times have changed and electric powered motors and lightweight foam airplanes have allowed the RC enthusiast the opportunity to fly locally in smaller areas like parks and rec fields.

I have come back to my hobby with renewed enthusiasm with the new technology.   No long drives to the field or loud, messy fuel motors! I hope to post my experiences with my hobby here.  Here  are some of the models I have built and flown over the years:

Carl Goldberg Eaglet 50 with a .25 glow motor

Carl Goldberg Anniversary Edition Piper Cub

Multiplex EasyStar – The best trainer airplane money could buy.

Multiplex TwinStar II

E-flite P-47 (ARF)

Mike’s P-47D Thunderbolt (Scratch Built)

Mike’s P-51B Mustang (Scratch Built)