ted cooper - bible in 90 daysTed Cooper is a reader

Ted Cooper, an avid reader and lifelong agnostic, had a nice job in the computer industry.  During his lunch hour at work he would read books.  Over the years it seemed as though he had read everything except the Bible.  Even though he was an agnostic, Ted Cooper decided to read the most popular book in the world.  I have said it before, God’s word changes hearts, including Ted’s.  After getting half way through, he became a believer.  That’s right, he didn’t even get finish reading the Old Testament when God changed his heart.

Changed hearts make changed lives

So what does Ted Cooper Jr. becoming a believer from simply reading the Bible have anything to do with changed hearts?  In 1999, Ted read the bible from beginning to end.  In 2002, he founded The Bible In 90 Days Ministry.  Ted  Cooper quit his job and began a ministry to help others experience the same thing he did.  Now, his ministry has changed hundreds of thousands of lives, one life at a time all over the world.  Correction, the Holy Spirit changed the lives, Ted helped provide a way to allow others to experience God through the scriptures.

Ted Cooper had a life changing experience and is now changing the world 1 life at a time.  You too can have a similar experience and then go out and change the world 1 life at a time.  I would encourage and challenge each of you to read the Bible through, cover to cover in 90 days.  It will change your life.  It sure changed mine.  I have read through the Bible 3 times and the last time I actually blogged my experience in the form of a daily recap and devotion for each of the 90 days.  You can see my blog posts here.