Day 4  gen 40:12 – 50:26


joseph and his brothers

Joseph & His Brothers

Day 4 starts with Joseph in jail because he was wrongly accused by Potipher’s wife.  Pharaoh has a dream.  The cup-bearer of pharaoh remembered Joseph in jail and acknowledged that Joseph could intrepid the  dream.    Joseph finds himself in front of Pharaoh.  “I cannot interpret your dream but God can”, said Joseph.  The dream reveals that 7 years of plenty will take place and then 7 years of terrible famine.  Joseph suggest a plan to save Egypt.   Pharaoh decides to put Joseph in charge of everything.   When the famine takes place, Josephs brothers travel to Egypt seeking to purchase grain and they meet Joseph.  Through a series of events, Joseph finally reveals himself to his brothers and with fear and surprise they reconcile.  Jacob (Joseph’s father) is reunited with his long lost son and the entire family moves to Egypt and is given the best part of the land to their family to live.  Later on, Jacob gives his blessing to each of his sons and then dies.

Scripture – Genesis 50:19-20

19 But Joseph said to them, “Don’t be afraid.   Am I in the place of God? 20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Joseph had forgiven his brothers for selling him into slavery and telling their father he was dead.  When the brothers were reunited with Joseph he not only told them that he forgave them but he also showed this by sparing their lives, feeding them and giving them a place to live that was safe and fertile.  He welcomed them with open arms, but they still didn’t completely believe his forgiveness was sincere.  After 17 years of living in Egypt, Jacob dies and the brothers fall before Joseph with the expectation that Joseph would exact his revenge.  Joseph explained that while they meant him harm, God intended it for good and to save many lives including theirs.

Sometimes our plans aren’t God’s plans.  This was the case for Joseph and his Family.  I am convinced that regardless of our actions, God will see that His will is done and He is glorified.  Terrible things can and will happen to us just as they did with Joseph and his family.  We should find a way to trust God in all difficult circumstances.  We should respond to God in faith and thank Him for being with us during these trials.

Lord, your will be done.  Help me to have the faith like Joseph during times of trials.  I know you love me.  Remind me that you are there by my side always.