Ecclesiastes 3:1 – Songs of Solomon 8:14


Today’s reading spanned two books.  As we read through the book of Ecclesiastes we see that Solomon much of his time talking about how meaningless man’s efforts in life really are.  Our work, play, friendships, successes, failures and riches are all meaningless.   Later, he states we should fear God and keep His commands.  He concludes Ecclesiastes by affirming that God will judge every deed, including all of the hidden things in our lives, good or evil.    Next, our reading for day 48 continues with The Song of Solomon.  The book is a love story (courtship and wedding) between a man and a woman.   The two main characters are King Solomon and a Shulamite maiden.  There are many ways to view this story.  We can view it as a literal love story between a man and woman.  Some view this as an allegory about God and his love for the people of Israel.  Others see this a picture of the Church as the Bride of Christ.  A much more theological overview of this interesting book can be viewed here.

Scripture Ecclesiastes 5:15

15 Everyone comes naked from their mother’s womb, and as everyone comes, so they depart.  They take nothing from their toil that they can carry in their hands.


Solomon is stating that we are all born with nothing.  Every one of us is born the same way.  We also end our lives the same way.  We have nothing we can take with us to our eternal end.  Our hard work, money, happiness, fond memories and the like are all left here on this earth with those we leave behind.  All of our possessions are lost.  Solomon is writing these words from an earthly “human” perspective.  He has seen people work, live and experience life and they all come and go the same way.  Later on, Solomon does credit God with the blessings that life can bring.  He does say that all of the joy, wealth and possessions are gifts from God.  More interesting is the fact that Solomon believes that man seldom reflects on the days of their lives because God keeps them occupied with a glad heart.  Again, this is Solomon’s earthly view of life, not God’s view.  I don’t believe that God distracts us from him.  I believe that we can allow possessions, work, and money to distract us from God.  In most cases, more possessions equals more distractions.  Depending on how close our walk is with God will determine how we respond to the distractions of life.


As Christ followers, we should guard ourselves so work, possessions and money do not interfere with our walk with God.  We need to recognize that we are stewards of God’s abundant blessings in our lives.  We can’t take it with us.  We should have an eternal perspective with life.  If all we do is aspire to have the biggest and best and only think of our own personal satisfaction then we are not placing God first in our lives.  Our Lord understands that we dream and wish for things.  He knows our hearts and desires.  As we try and search for the true meaning of Life, let God provide those answers.



Lord help remind me that true pleasure and satisfaction comes only from you.  The things of this world are only temporal and have no lasting value.