Be very careful when selecting your Netsuite multi channel sales solution

sellware netsuite ebay amazon connector channelLeveraging the power of Netsuite can be difficult when it comes to selling products on marketplace channels like Amazon or eBay. Our company has been selling through multiple sales channels for years. With over 2,000 different items in our inventory, managing listings and order flow can be overwhelming. The good news is there are many 3rd party connectors. The bad news is many of them are expensive and limiting at best.  A truly integrated system allows inventory to list out and orders to flow in automatically through your Netsuite system.  It should be a hands off system after it is setup.

A Better Netsuite multi channel sales solution that won’t break your bank

Sellware offers an integrated system as a reliable Netsuite Multi Channel Sales Solution.  They have been a trusted partner of ours for several years.  Integration is quick & easy and does’nt require any special scripting in your Netsuite platform.  Once it is setup, Sellware does the job and you don’t have to think about your listings.  Sellware is not a blind system.  Their interface allows you to clearly see what is being pushed to the marketplaces as well as orders that flow back.  Don’t use a blind system.  Best of all, the Sellware Netsuite multi channel sales solution is very affordable.

6 reasons why Sellware is the best multi channel sales solution for Netsuite

Getting to the point, here are 6 reasons why we are using Sellware to sell our products on Amazon and eBay.

  1. Years of Experience – These guys have many years of experience helping businesses sell their products on multiple sales channels.  Each marketplace is unique and Sellware knows these channels very well.
  2.  It isn’t a blind System – This is huge.  There are multi channel sales solutions out there that take your data but you don’t see the flow in and out of the marketplace.  The Sellware system allows you to easily view, manage and edit data flowing in and out of your Netsuite system.  If there is ever a problem, you will easily be able to identify the problem.
  3.  It is extremely flexible – Some systems are rigid and limited as to what they can do with your data.  Sellware is able to import custom fields,and as orders flow into your system, they have some unique options to help you manage order flow.  Again, it is an easy and straightforward process..
  4. It isn’t resource intensive – One of Netsuite’s limitations is data connections.  Some netsuite multi channel sales solution are limited as to how many connection OR how often connections are made.  Sellware keeps your data flow current without long lags for order collection or feed updates.
  5.  It is affordable – Using the word “Netsuite” usually means MONEY!  Sellware treats Netsuite customers like anyone else.  Their pricing plan is posted on their website and you won’t pay through the nose.  It is one of the most affordable multi channel sale solutions available online.
  6. It is good business – These guys won’t jerk you around.  They are honest, people with a good product.  I would classify this as a very low maintenance solution.  You won’t be wasting time trying to fix your “feed” because it connects directly to Netsuite.  So, if your organization uses Netsuite as their ERP solution and you would like to sell your products but don’t know where to start, take a serious look at Sellware.  They are the best Netsuite milti channel sales solution we found.