Netsuite Driven Website

Netsuite Driven WebsiteOur company embarked on a huge transition a little over a year ago as we moved to the cloud with our accounting, inventory, sales order, shipping & fulfillment, marketing eCommerce systems.  Using Netsuite as our cloud based ERP system my responsibility was for the marketing & website side of our business.  My experience in the past has been traditional eCommerce tools like Mailchimp/Constant Contact for email marketing and Magento/OSCommerce for our shopping cart system.  The short story for those who might not want to read the entire article is we have successfully transitioned and along the way accomplished more that we could imagine without loosing our shirts.

Our Netsuite driven website is fully integrated with our Netsuite system and is even hosted through their system “Live Hosting Files”, allowing us to reap the benefits of tracking marketing data, customer click throughs and much more.  Imaging sending an email to a customer, going to their customer record and looking at all of the different pages they clicked through because of that email!  Pretty amazing.  Best of all, we have found a great partner that helped us create our website and holds to his belief that “anything is possible”.  Honestly, so far just about anything we have wanted to do has been possible and even “reasonable” when it comes to price.

Mobile Site

Our Netsuite driven website is also unveiling the mobile version.  My biggest concern about mobile is duplicate content.  Many mobile sites are actual secondary sites with duplicate content.  My fear is Google and others search engines will mistake this as duplicate content and spank us in our rankings.   Our new mobile site is actually one single html page with a series of scripts.  It looks like a mobile app when you visit but it is actually an html page.  it is light, fast and stable.  One more plus for a great Netsuite Partner.

Our largest project for our Netsuite driven website has been a complete custom “refill/restock” system for the products we sell.  When you buy a unit, it contains many components that can be reordered.  The refill system not only provides a service for our existing customers but also acts as a means to bring in new business because nobody else has a “refill” system like ours.  It really is a great tool and it was completely custom made by our Netsuite driven Website developer MVL Design.

Our SEO has improved and our customers love the new design and functionality of our website.  If you do research about Netsuite driven websites you might find quite a few people who are not happy.  I would chalk most of this up to not finding the right partner.  Yes, Netsuite is expensive right from the beginning BUT the website doesn’t have to be.  We built a fully functional website with all of the bells and whistles for a fraction of the cost Netsuite wanted to charge.  It was not much more than we paid for our OSCommerce customized website.  If you are considering building a website using Netsuite, make sure you pick the right partner.