The Bible In 90 DaysIs it life-changing?

Reading the bible in 90 days with a small group of 20 people has been a wonderful journey. With 10 weeks under our belts and 3 to go, we are having a great time. It has been amazing to see lives transformed as our group gets a completely different view of God  by reading the entire bible in a short period of time.  Just a few weeks ago, one of our group members accepted Christ as his Lord & Savior while we were reading through Jeremiah.  Praise the Lord for His Word.

What is involved?

Following the standard course materials each week, we began our time with fellowship and then discussion of the previous weeks reading.  Questions and comments took about 15 minutes and then we watched the Bible in 90 Days DVD.  After that we had a few more minutes of discussion and then concluded with handouts and prayer.  This is my 4th time through the program (1st time listening to audio and the other 3 reading) and each time I continue to be blessed by the reading and the discussion.

Is doing it over again boring?

To give a slightly different experience each time I read through the Bible in 90 Days, I try a different translation.  So far I have used the NASB, NIV and this time I am using the NET bible translation.  The audio version was produced using the New King James version.  Speaking of audio versions, The Word of Promise: Complete Audio Bible is awesome to listen to.  There are live sound effects, music and unique voices for each bible character.  This is a professional production being read word for word from the Bible.  There is no deviation from the text and I would highly recommend this audio production.

The last time I read through the bible I blogged each day’s reading.  I used the SOAP bible study method and my posts have been a great resource for myself and many visitors who have come to my site.  I would encourage you to set a goal and read the Bible through.  Most people find that reading it in 90 days is a lot easier than reading it over a 1 year span.  Take a look at the testimonials of the Bible in 90 Days here.

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