A_Short_History_Of_The_Early_Church-BoerHave you ever wondered what it was like being a Christian during the first few hundred years after Christ’s Ministry?  Just imagine what it must have been like for new believers after the Apostles and other eye witnesses died.  Who would lead the church?  How would they know what was being taught was true?

Author Harry R. Boer provides a great book with 175 pages  containing an overview of the history of the early church including the events, key people and controversies that help us understand what it was like to be a Christ follower during the first few hundred years after Christ.  Boer covers how the bible came into being and who approved the writings that made up the Holy Scriptures.  He also spends time explaining the ongoing debate over the topic of the trinity and other key issues.  I especially appreciated how Boer introduced 4 key people that shaped the church and its doctrine. As an added benefit, each chapter concludes with a study guide asking key questions to help spur discussion.  This book would make a nice small group study.

If you are looking for a book that isn’t too deep yet provides most of the important topics and people and how they played a roll in Christian Church history, this is the book for you.