Starbucks Clover Brewing SystemBest secret?  Not really, but it’s a pretty good one.  Many may argue this point and I am fine with that.  Chicago is a great place to see a show, visit a museum, go to a game, have a great meal or even shop. It’s also a great place to find a good cup of coffee.  With 168 Starbucks stores in the city of Chicago, there is no shortage of caffeine even if they don’t serve the best cup of coffee.  That would be left to Intelligentsia.  If you want a great coffee experience, go there.  But, if you’re a Starbucks lover and happen to be shopping along the Miracle Mile, visit a Starbucks that has a rare “Clover Machine“.

Starbucks Clover Location Chicago No LinesThe clover brewing system offers digital temperature control (within 1 degree) along with a 70 micron filter providing a consistent brew each and every time.  The reserve coffees are single origin select beans that you won’t find at any other local Starbucks.  In the case of Chicago, there are only 5 locations in the greater Metro area that have one of these special brewing devices.  There are none in the entire state of Michigan.

So, where am I going with this?  What’s the secret?  Answer: There is a Starbucks 1 block off of Michigan Avenue that has a Clover machine and offers “Reserve Coffees”.  Best of all, there are no crowds and no lines.  You can experience the Clover/Reserve experience in the quiet, clean environment of a Starbucks just footsteps from the Miracle Mile.  The reason why it’s a secret is because the store is located inside a hospital!  Your search begins now.