Starebucks Seasonal Blends | MikesZoneStarbucks, the golden child of coffee, has brought back their annual “Thanksgiving Blend” coffee. Throughout the year, seasonal offerings are made available by this coffee producer which include Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Tribute, 3 Regions blend and more. The Thanksgiving blend is my favorite. While it is still on the dark side (most starbucks coffee is very dark) it is delicious. I really enjoy a full body coffee and this blend hits the mark.

Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend | MikesZoneWith one week still remaining before Thanksgiving, the blend is nowhere to be found.  Most locations have sold out of the whole bean bags and stopped serving the brewed blend last week.  Depending on how busy the location is, most have already sold out of their inventory and have placed the Christmas blend out on the floor for sale. Wouldn’t the Thanksgiving blend be available for “Thanksgiving”?

I suspect that there is a Starbucks employee with a spreadsheet making  production projections that missed the mark.  Either that or the jig is up and more people know how good the Thanksgiving blend is and sales have been through the roof!  However you look at it, we will have to wait another eleven months for it to come back.  I hope Starbucks won’t begin to follow the same calendar as the clothing industry.  Spring fashions are going to be on the racks in about four weeks right?  Hello, Starbucks?  Let’s keep the Thanksgiving blend available during the month of November please.