A Skeleton In Gods ClosetI had the pleasure of reading a “Historical Fiction” Christian novel. “What is Christian Historical Fiction?”  Like traditional historical fiction novels, there are elements of truth that occurred sometime in history while other elements are pure fiction. The author, Paul Maier, clearly warns readers of this in the introduction to his book.  As a matter of fact, one of his fictional characters took on real life flesh and bone (no pun intended) when history elected it’s next Pope. By coincidence, the author wrote about Pope Benedict before it happened.   Skeleton In God’s Closet is the first of a trilogy that can be read in any order by the reader as each story is independent of the other.

A Skeleton In God’s Closet Challenges Readers Faith

“And so, once again, God has taken human plans for evil and turned them into blessings.”

There are several plot lines that converge, making this story somewhat complex and resolution does not come quickly my friend. The twists and turns keep the pages turning as character development takes place. The suspense builds as more details about the character personality and past are uncovered.  Even though the story is fiction, I found myself asking, “how I would respond to what is taking place in this book?”  It challenges my beliefs and clearly displays how many others would most likely respond to the circumstances being presented.   I recommended this book to a friend for that very reason. I kept asking myself, “How would my faith hold up with the facts that were unearthed?”

Maier wrote three novels using the same main character and his life.  Beginning with “A Skeleton In God’s Closet” then, “More Than A Skeleton” and finishing the trilogy with “Constantine Codex“, each is independent from each other and can be read in any order.  I read Constantine Codex first, not knowing about the other two books and had not problems following the character or the story.  I found that when I read the second book in his series “More than a Skeleton”, I was familiar with the characters yet the author continued to develop the them.  The author discusses various denominations of the Christian faith within his story.  Yes, there are stereotypes that add some humor to the story.

I do recommend reading “A Skeleton In God’s Closet”.  Be sure to include this series in your short reading list.  You won’t be disappointed.