The Constantine CodexMy summer reading is almost over and one of the books I enjoyed very much was the Constantine Codex written by Paul Maier.  It is the first fiction novel I have read in many years and the first “Christian” novel I have ever read.  The author is the professor of Ancient History at Western Michigan University and has written several books for his “Skeleton Series” that includes this book which is a little over 400 pages long.  He has also written several children’s books over the years.

Without giving away too much of the story, this book introduces archeologists Jon and Shannon Weber who find themselves involved in several world changing events.  These events include an international debate on the topic of Christianity vs. Muslim faith, a fantastic search for ancient biblical manuscripts and several discoveries that intertwine together to weave a wonderful story of international adventure.  Biblical historical facts are used as the foundation for much of the plot and Mr. Maier does a magnificent job of creating a story that builds on these facts to make an exciting novel with several twists.

If you enjoy a little biblical history and want to read a fiction book that will encourage your faith, I believe you will like this book.   I had to keep reminding myself several times that I was reading a “fiction” book all the while hoping that the events could really be true.   I am keeping this author in mind for future reading.