Stumptown Indonesia Bies Penantan Coffee Tasting

I recently traveled to New Orleans with my family and had the pleasant experience visiting two coffee houses.   The first, I would like to share with you now.  Nestled in the side of the [...]

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Intro To Acts

The Acts Bible Study Introduction is a great way to get the bigger view of what the book is all about.  As you will see below, we cover background info like who the subjects are, [...]

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Successful DC-3 Test Hop Finally Takes Place!

DC-3 Test Hop – She Flies! My scratch built DC-3 Test Hop finally happened.  My radio controlled airplane made a (more or less) noneventful taxi test hop before I put the finishing touches on her.  The aircraft is a bit sensitive on the elevator so I will need to adjust the elevator pushrod have less travel.  I can do this through programming the radio as well as moving the clevis further out to the end of the horn. […]

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Bold Bean Coffee Roasters – Review

I recently traveled to Jacksonville, Florida on a business trip and learned several interesting facts about the city.  First, their huge oak trees are beautiful!  Second, Jacksonville, known as the “Bold new city from the south”.  Third and the most important fact, Jacksonville is home to an up and coming third wave coffee roaster & artesian.  So, for the next minute or two, I thought I would share my experience at “Bold Bean Coffee Roasters”.   Remember, Jacksonville is the “Bold New City” and that is where they draw their name.  “Bold” has nothing to do with dark roasting levels here.  These guys are serious about crafting a great cup of coffee from acquiring the beans all the way through the variety of brewing methods they offer. […]

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The Epistle of Jude – Introduction

I thought I would share my personal bible study of Jude.  This easily overlooked letter found near the end of the New Testament is unique and offers the Christian a very clear lesson about false teachers.  I begin all of my studies with prayer and then do an overview study of the book before I study verse by verse. I use a variety of study tools including a few different commentaries, bible dictionary, illustrated bible handbook and of course the Bible itself.  The next study will be Jude  verses 1-4 found here. You may want to take your own notes and research using your own study tools.  The Blue Letter Bible is a great resource that includes commentaries, dictionary, greek & hebrew lexicons as well as many different translations of the Bible.  Check it out. So, here is my “Overview” below. […]

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God Does Care – Day 1

Genesis 1 - 16 Overview: Most of us have read or heard about the story of Adam & Eve.  While the creation story is important, there is a lot of other information presented during day [...]

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